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Learn how we can help you grow in the evolving corporate market.

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    Six Golden Rules to Training

    Are you taking the right approach to training your employees?

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    Register for the Teaching and Learning Conference ANZ 2017

    Join us for an exciting range of workshops, presentations and networking events at the Teaching and Learning Conference in Darwin, Australia on 5-8 September.

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    The new Collaborate with Ultra experience

    A fully redesigned, high definition, browser-based web conferencing solution that makes distance teaching and learning simple, crystal clear and worry-free.

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    Learn what it takes to increase technology adoption

    Download the free guide “6 Characteristics To Increase Technology Adoption”.

Val Llewellyn, Owner and Alena Smith, General Manager of Axial Training
Case Study

Axial Training, Australia

With over 60 different qualifications on offer covering a myriad of sectors, Axial Training’s partnership with Blackboard sees Val Llewellyn and his team well positioned to continue their long history of educational excellence and growth in the vocational educational industry on a national scale.

Success in your Market >

A diverse group of employees collaborate on a project.

Release globalisation’s value  

Blackboard’s technologies work together to enable anyone, anywhere in the world to share content, or communicate directly with anyone, anywhere else.

A team of employees participant in a corporate training session.

Develop people to retain them  

Blackboard elearning platforms can give you the structure to develop programmes to ensure your staff have the skills you need to be successful now and into the future.

Attract and retain business and staff

Drive revenues with learning  

Communicating your products and services effectively, and successfully onboarding new customers means that they, and your employees, are more likely to stay with you.

Services and Solutions >

Worker at desktop computer using his mobile phone.


Imagine having a world of support behind everything you do. For every challenge, any question, there’s someone to rely on. Our services allow you to envision, prepare for and realise the future of education.

A male student studies on his laptop.

Learning Solutions  

Our Learning Solutions are designed to support the educational needs of your students, faculty, and institution—both now and in the future.