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Blackboard App

Today's active learners have a need for speed. The Blackboard app gives them the information they want, the connections they crave, and the personalization they demand, on the go. We're putting learning directly in the hands of your students, so they can stay connected with their educational journey anytime, anywhere.

Bb Student

Learning anytime, anywhere

A powerful app designed specifically for students

The Blackboard app is a simple, easy to use, and enjoyable mobile learning app for the on the go, goal-oriented learner.

Key Features

Modern, accessible, delightful: put all of your learning resources at your students’ fingertips.

Activity stream

Shows smart view of prioritized events and actions.

Assignments & tests

View, complete, and submit assignments and tests.

Grades & progress

Check grades and academic progress in real time.

Synchronous learning

Join virtual classes on the go in Collaborate.

More Information

Learn about mobile learning and how the Blackboard app can help students succeed.

College student studying using mobile phone and textbook

Best practices for mobile-friendly courses

Mobile learning lets students benefit from interacting with their course content on the devices that they use to connect with every other aspect of their lives, nearly 24/7. This guide shares best practices to create mobile-friendly course material to improve your students’ engagement and participation.

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